Because Malaysia Deserves The Best Internet Ecosystem

IX-driven innovation is truly redefining the internet marketplace, not only in Malaysia but increasingly so around the world. This awareness helps us recognize that the development of our IT and ICT capabilities is truly going to be a vital foundation for all businesses to remain competitive and relevant.

Therefore, we created MYNAP to competently stay at the forefront of a continuously transforming world of technology – with the priority to establish a strong internet ecosystem for Malaysia... and for your business.

MYNAP Features

Only Internet Exchange in Malaysia to reside in a TIA-942 Rated-3 Data Center

24/7 support from Network Operation Center (NOC)

Port speed of 1G and 10G

IPv4 & IPv6

Unlimited access to MYNAP route servers

Monthly Traffic Usage Report

Service-Level Agreement (SLA) of up to 99.0%

Live Monitoring – Port Graph & Peer-to-Peer Graph


Through Public Peering, you are free to peer with all available peering partners at a drastic reduction in cost through the elimination of multiple physical connections to other networks for traffic exchange.


Through Private Peering, you can take advantage of a dedicated virtual connection to another network that is isolated from Public Peers, yet uses the same physical link for traffic exchange of other services.


If you are not present within the Cyberjaya area, you can still connect to us utilizing layer two connections from Remote Nodes into the MYNAP network.


Even if you are new to MYNAP, immediately enjoy direct access to available routes in our Route Server instead of needing to wait for peering opportunities with the rest of our participants.

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