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Short for Malaysia Network Access Point (MYNAP), we are a private Internet Exchange (IX) service by NTT Malaysia, and part of the global NTT group behind Japan Network Access Point (JPNAP) and Jakarta Internet Exchange (JKT-IX) in the region. MYNAP is hosted in NTT’s TIA942 Rated-3 Data Center in Cyberjaya with high resiliency power and network infrastructure.

The Internet is connected through a web of networks, which are brought together using the Internet Protocol (IP). Internet Exchange is a hub where Internet Service Provider (ISP), Content Service Provider (CSP), Content Delivery Network (CDN), Internet Content Provider (ICP), Over The Top (OTT) and large enterprises can interconnect through independent networks and exchange Internet traffic with each other. This act of exchange is also known as “peering”.

Peering is the exchange of traffic between ISPs, CDNs, CSPs, OTT content providers and large enterprises. Internet exchange services like MYNAP gather the aforementioned players through peering agreements, which helps reduce the costs of IP Traffic significantly. This can be experienced through MYNAP’s domestic peering methods; eliminating the need to connect through costly transit links. With MYNAP, participants can choose between public, private, and remote peering to seamlessly connect with each other. Enjoy direct access even as a new MYNAP participants, to available routes in our route server without waiting for peering opportunities with the rest of our participants.

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Becoming a Participant

In order to join MYNAP, you are required to have an Autonomous System Number (ASN). Be prepared to connect to MYNAP in Cyberjaya (and remotely).

Step 1: Fill in our Registration Form here & Click Submit
Step 2: Our MYNAP team will respond to you
Step 3: Fill in Service Order Form & Submit
Step 5: Application processing
Step 6: Our MYNAP technical team will contact your technical team for provisioning

Pricing and Billing

Port Size Subscription Charge
1G RM1,300*
10G RM5,000*

*Prices listed are subjected to SST

Either monthly, quarterly or annually. All are possible. Your billing cycle starts once you are successfully connected to MYNAP.


You may reach out to us at

Yes. Please contact for assistance.

You can upgrade / connect additional ports at any time. However, you may only downgrade/terminate upon contract completion.


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