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It’s time to reclaim the way you demand and connect on the internet to drive business objectives. Expand your digital frontier when you are in control.

Welcome to MYNAP - short for Malaysia Network Access Point (MYNAP), we are a private Internet Exchange (IX) service by NTT Malaysia, and part of the global NTT group behind Japan Network Access Point (JPNAP) and Jakarta Internet Exchange (JKT-IX) in the region. MYNAP is hosted in NTT’s TIA-942 Rated-3 Data Center in Cyberjaya with high resiliency power and network infrastructure.

Alongside the advancement of artificial intelligence and smart devices, we are fiercely excited to be at the forefront of B2B Interweb solutions within the region. We go beyond just supporting businesses with content and connectivity by being the central point of bandwidth / network capacity, enabling participating members to interconnect and peer with one another at a high-speed level.

In achieving this, we offer a reliable and resilient IX service that extends higher stability, wider reach and instant availability at a relentless pace. On top of this, we also function as a dependable alternative that delivers on a more consistent network performance where IX services are concerned. Ultimately, the physical infrastructure that we’ve built and continue to improve, operates under outstanding facilities that optimize the exchange of internet traffic between networks.

We aim to empower you and your business towards improved network performances, increased network resilience, extended reach across regions, minimized latency and operational costs - because the future of peering should settle for nothing less.

After all, your consumer experience is our priority. The more you demand, the more your businesses will benefit from a multitude of peering solutions, solving business needs quicker than ever while reclaiming the way we connect.

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