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We strongly believe that the availability of our IX service is the best opportunity for businesses in Malaysia to contend and grow with neighbouring nations, in a bid to boost the country’s positioning in the global economy.


Public Peering


Private Peering


Remote Peering


Route Server


Efficient exchange of local traffic

Discover and connect with ISP, CSP, CDN, ICP, OTT and large enterprises through our streamlined interconnection points and excellent peering solutions across regional markets.

A resilient network built for agility

Gain peace of mind with our service availability at all times as we equip your business and Internet resiliency with the provision of more redundant routes to circumvent over congestion and Internet blackouts.

Advanced business growth through connected APAC network

Connect with us and expand business reach across borders with foreign ISP, CSP, CDN, ICP, OTT and large enterprises that are connected to MYNAP.

Reduced Transit Cost

Cut operational costs through our domestic peering, eliminating the need to connect through costly IP transit links.

Lowered latency within the region

Experience quicker, better and seamless peering with lesser hops and minimized counter productivity.

And, FREE Subscription for the 1st Year!

Upon registration, enjoy your first year of MYNAP services FREE*.

*Terms & Conditions apply

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